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The Product Survey Questionnaire: Insights For Better Marketing

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Unlock valuable insights with our comprehensive product questionnaire. Designed for marketers, new hires, and business owners to ensure success.

Table of contents

TL;DR: This product questionnaire helps you understand your product deeply for success.

  • The questionnaire is designed for new hires, marketers, consultants, and business owners.
  • Gather insights on product features, market competition, customer feedback, and future plans.
  • Use these insights to improve marketing, meet customer needs, and stay competitive.

Understanding a product deeply is key to its marketing success. 

This detailed questionnaire is designed to gather comprehensive insights about your or your client’s product. 

The product survey is meant for new hires, marketers, consultants, and even business owners who want to understand a product better, improve its features, communicate its benefits, and stay ahead of the competition. 

By answering these questions, you can get a clear picture of your product’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. 

Section 1: General Information

  1. What is the name of the product?
  2. Describe the product in a few sentences.
  3. What is the primary purpose of the product?
  4. Who is the target audience for this product?
  5. When was the product launched?


  • The product’s name is EcoClean. 
  • EcoClean is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution made from natural ingredients. 
  • Its primary purpose is to provide a safe and effective way to clean household surfaces without using harmful chemicals. 
  • The target audience for EcoClean includes environmentally conscious consumers, families with young children, and individuals with chemical sensitivities. 
  • EcoClean was launched in January 2022.

Section 2: Product Features and Benefits

  1. List the key features of the product.
  2. What are the main benefits of using this product?
  3. How does this product differ from competitors’ products?
  4. What are the unique selling points (USPs) of the product?
  5. Are there any features in development that are not yet released?


  • EcoClean boasts several key features, including its use of 100% natural ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and a non-toxic formula safe for all surfaces. 
  • The main benefits of using EcoClean are its effectiveness in cleaning while being safe for both users and the environment. 
  • Unlike its competitors, EcoClean does not contain harsh chemicals, making it suitable for households with children and pets.
  • Its unique selling points include its eco-friendly composition and strong cleaning power. 
  • Upcoming features in development include a range of scented options using natural essential oils and a concentrated formula for larger cleaning tasks.

Section 3: Market and Competition

  1. Who are the main competitors?
  2. What market share does the product currently hold?
  3. How does the pricing of the product compare to competitors?
  4. What strategies are used to differentiate the product in the market?
  5. Are there any market trends affecting the product?


  • EcoClean’s main competitors are traditional chemical-based cleaning products and other eco-friendly brands like Seventh Generation and Method. 
  • Currently, EcoClean holds a small but growing market share in the eco-friendly cleaning segment. 
  • Compared to competitors, EcoClean is priced competitively while offering superior natural ingredients. 
  • Strategies used to differentiate EcoClean in the market include emphasizing its 100% natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging. 
  • Market trends affecting EcoClean include the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and non-toxic products, which aligns well with EcoClean’s core values and offerings.

Section 4: Customer Insights

  1. What are the most common customer feedback points?
  2. How do customers typically use the product?
  3. Are there any notable case studies or success stories?
  4. What are the common challenges faced by customers using this product?
  5. What customer support options are available?


  • Common customer feedback highlights EcoClean’s pleasant natural scent and effective cleaning power without leaving any residue.
  •  Customers typically use EcoClean for everyday cleaning tasks, including kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and even on children’s toys. 
  • Notable success stories include households with allergies and sensitivities that have found EcoClean to be a safe alternative to conventional cleaners. 
  • Common challenges faced by customers include the availability of the product in local stores and the need for larger size options. 
  • EcoClean offers various customer support options, including a dedicated helpline, email support, and an extensive FAQ section on their website.

Section 5: Sales and Marketing

  1. What channels are used to market the product?
  2. What are the key messages or themes used in marketing campaigns?
  3. Are there any partnerships or collaborations that promote the product?
  4. What are the primary sales channels for the product?
  5. What promotional activities have been most successful?


  • EcoClean markets its product through multiple channels, including social media, online ads, and eco-friendly living blogs. 
  • The key messages in marketing campaigns focus on the product’s natural ingredients, safety, and effectiveness. 
  • Partnerships with environmental organizations and influencers in the eco-friendly space help promote EcoClean. 
  • Primary sales channels include online platforms like the company website and major e-commerce sites, as well as select retail stores. 
  • Successful promotional activities have included limited-time discounts, bundle offers, and social media contests that engage the eco-conscious community.

Section 6: Future Plans

  1. What are the short-term and long-term goals for the product?
  2. Are there any upcoming product updates or launches?
  3. What new markets or segments are being targeted?
  4. What challenges are anticipated in the future?
  5. How does the company plan to address these challenges?


  • In the short term, EcoClean aims to expand its product line to include more variations, such as scented versions and a concentrated formula. 
  • Long-term goals include increasing market penetration and becoming a leading brand in the eco-friendly cleaning market. 
  • New markets being targeted include international expansion to regions with high demand for sustainable products. 
  • Anticipated challenges include competing with established brands and adapting to varying market regulations. 
  • To address these challenges, EcoClean plans to invest in research and development, strengthen its marketing efforts, and build strategic partnerships.

Section 7: Additional Insights

  1. Is there any other information about the product that is important to know?
  2. Are there any industry certifications or awards the product has received?
  3. What are the top three priorities for the product team right now?
  4. How does the product align with the company’s overall mission and vision?
  5. Are there any resources (videos, articles, whitepapers) available for further understanding?


  • Additional important information about EcoClean includes its certifications from environmental organizations like Green Seal and USDA Organic. 
  • The product has received awards for sustainability and innovation in eco-friendly products. 
  • The top three priorities for the EcoClean team right now are expanding product availability, enhancing customer engagement, and continuing to innovate with new product features. 
  • EcoClean aligns with the company’s mission to promote a healthier planet and safer homes through sustainable cleaning solutions.
  •  For further understanding, resources such as instructional videos, detailed articles, and whitepapers are available on the company website.

Final thoughts on the product survey

Complete the product survey questionnaire to gain a clear understanding of your product.

 Use these insights to improve marketing, meet customer needs, and stay ahead of the competition. 

The more you know, the better you can succeed.

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