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Get endorsed with a fully compliant UK Innovator Founder Visa Business Plan

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"I've recently taken a leap into entrepreneurship, and we've received the Innovator Founder Visa endorsement to launch in the UK!"
Daria B.
Founder & CEO

The top mistakes to avoid in your Innovator Founder business plan

Applying for an Innovator Founder Visa endorsement can cost you thousands of pounds

To get this visa, you have to show a strong business plan that proves your business idea is new, doable, and can grow.

Your endorsing body will take a long, hard look at your Innovator Founder Visa business plan, so it’s crucial to avoid any mistakes that could cost you your investment.

With years of experience helping other founders structure their business ideas, we see the following common mistakes crop up repeatedly:

Lack of clarity: Unclear business idea and objectives.

Incomplete market analysis: Missing data on market demand.

Weak competitor analysis: Underestimating or ignoring competitors.

Vague financial projections: Unclear or overly optimistic forecasts.

Ignoring SWOT analysis: Failing to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Poorly defined marketing strategy: No clear plan for promotion.

Missing investment strategy: Not specifying funding needs/sources.

Lack of scalability: Failing to show potential for growth.

Ignoring regulatory requirements: Omitting legal/compliance issues.

Our Innovator Founder Visa business plan template helps you avoid these mistakes so you can get endorsed and begin your UK business journey.

"Just because no one else has done it, that doesn't mean it's innovative. Innovation is not the same as uniqueness. Innovation is a combination of something new, someone who needs it, and someone who can sell it."

Why get our business plan template?


We've added all you need to cover in your Innovator Founder business plan


The business plan template helps you show innovation, viability, and scalability


We include examples you can use for each section of the business plan template

As part of your Innovator Founder visa application, you’ll need to have a detailed, genuine, and original business plan. 

You’ll also need to satisfy the endorsing body that you have either generated or made a significant contribution to the ideas in that business plan. This business plan template helps you tick those boxes.

"If you're just starting out and want to craft an investor-ready business plan, start strong. Make sure investors see your uniqueness from the get-go."
Shavonne N.
Business Consultant

What's included in the template?

✅ Executive summary
✅ Product/service descriptions
✅ How you meet the Innovation criteria
✅ Research and development activity
✅ Market analysis
✅ Competitor analysis

✅ Staff profile & recruitment strategy
✅ Marketing and sales strategy
✅ SWOT analysis
✅ Cash flow forecast
✅ Annual Profit & Loss forecast
✅ Relevant appendices, including CVs

"In your cashflow forecast, identify your lowest financial point. Costs may rise and sales may be much slower than you expect — so present a worst-case scenario."

What is the UK Innovator Founder Visa?

The Innovator Founder Visa is a new UK visa started on April 13, 2023. It’s for people from other countries who want to start a unique and promising business in the UK.

After getting the visa and arriving in the UK, you can apply for jobs to support yourself while waiting for your business to start generating income.

You don’t need a set amount of money to invest, but you do need approval from an endorsing body.

Our Innovator Founder Visa business plan template helps you prove that your business plan is innovative, viable, and scalable.

"The requirement to have £50,000 investment funds has been removed. You can set up as many businesses as possible, and you can bring your family to the UK."
Oluseun A.
Programme Lead

What your endorsing body wants to see:

Many founders fret over how to write an Innovator Founder Visa business plan. Getting the basics right goes a long way. Here’s what your endorsing body is looking for in your business plan:

  1. Show what’s special: Explain what makes your business idea different and hard for others to copy.
  2. Make it believable: Include realistic money plans and show you know your market and have the skills to succeed.
  3. Plan for growth: Show how your business can grow, create jobs, and expand to other markets.
  4. Explain your role: Say if you’re the main founder or an important team member and what you’ll do day-to-day.
  5. Discuss challenges: List any problems you might face and how you plan to solve them.
  6. Show your funding: Outline where your business money will come from and how you’ll use it (this part is key — use realistic numbers).
  7. Follow the rules: Emphasize how the business will meet all the legal rules for operation.
  8. Add extra info: Include docs like your CV or market studies.
"One of the unstated requirements is that your business idea should introduce a novel technology or product not available in the market. This combines elements of innovation and invention."
Navin S.
Founder, Digital Consultancy


Template Only

Copy and use our template
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  • Ready-to-use template
  • Structured document to follow
  • Clear directives per section
  • Writing examples and tips
  • List of mistakes to avoid
  • Easy Google Doc to copy
  • No Q&A session
  • No email support


Get your Business plan audited
$ 249
  • Everything in Template and...
  • Tailored feedback on your plan
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Financials & strategy audit
  • Follow-up Q&A after feedback
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Full Package

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  • We write your business plan
  • Revisions based on your input
  • Market research included
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"We are beyond thrilled to have received the Innovator Founder Visa!"
Demola O.
Founder & Product Manager

Get this template if you're...

  • …starting to draft your business plan and need structured help.
  • …unsure about what details to include for the endorsing body.
  • …revising your plan to align with feedback.
  • …looking for examples of how successful applications are structured.
  • …double-checking that your business plan meets all requirements.
  • …about to submit your plan and want to ensure it’s complete.
  • …looking to save time and effort by following a proven format.
  • …not confident about your financial projections or market analysis.
  • …looking for a list of all the key elements your plan should have.
  • …ready to add the finishing touches and want to overlook nothing.
"I never thought I'd find myself at the helm of a tech startup, let alone embracing the titles of founder and entrepreneur. Today, as I switch successfully to the Innovator Founder Visa, I can not see myself working on anything else in my life."
Jasraj S.
Founder & CEO

Need it written for you instead?

If time is tight or you want to make sure your business plan is top-notch, our custom business plan writing service can help. Here’s what you get when you choose the full package:

  • Your business plan will be tailored to your business idea and industry.
  • Expert writers familiar with visa requirements will craft your plan.
  • Hand off the writing to someone else and get alerted when it’s done.
  • Carefully written business plan from exec. summary to financials.
  • A plan that satisfies the endorsing bodies’ criteria.
  • Help and updates from start to finish.
  • Generous edit requests to ensure your plan is just right.
"The Innovator Founder Visa offers a fantastic opportunity for those with unique and original business ideas to turn their dreams into reality."
Müge G.
HR Consultancy Founder, London

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our business plan template gives you a clear path to write your plan. It has easy-to-follow steps for each part, examples of what to write, and tips to make sure it fits what the visa folks want to see.

With our custom service, you tell us about your business and what you want to do. Then, our writers put together a plan just for you that ticks all the boxes for the visa. We keep tweaking it with you until it’s just right.

If you want to change something in your business plan, we’re here to help. We’ll make generous changes until you’re happy with how it looks and says everything you want it to.

Usually, it takes a few weeks to put together a good business plan. But if you’re in a rush, we can move faster to get it done sooner.

Yes, we keep everything you tell us and your business plan a secret. We won’t share it with anyone else unless you say it’s okay.

The price for writing a business plan can change based on how complex your plan is. We’ll let you know how much it’ll cost after we learn more about what you need.

If you only need help with some parts of your business plan, that’s fine. We can focus on just the bits you’re stuck on.

The UK Visas and Immigration office decides all visa applications – no endorsing body or service provider can offer guarantees. We do everything we can to help you submit a strong business plan that meets all the visa rules.

Reach out to us via email (editor[at] with your proof of payment and we’ll sort you out!

"The Innovator Founder visa program offers a new pathway for entrepreneurs to expand to the UK and take advantage of the country's vibrant economy."
Kemal T.
Health startup founder

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"For visionary entrepreneurs looking to establish innovative startups in the UK, the Innovator Founder visa is a remarkable pathway."
Tom W.
Tax Advisor