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Why bother with case studies?


of buyers in the middle of the buying journey are swayed by case studies


of buyers in the final stages of evaluation are susceptible to case studies


of B2B buyers find case studies extremely valuable during the buying process

Real stories about real results make people trust you more. A well-crafted case study proves you know what you’re doing, and can turn potential customers into paying ones.

Tailor each case study to speak to different customer needs or market sectors. Use them on your website, in sales pitches, or on social media.

Plus, not everyone invests in case studies, so having them sets you apart.

"Extremely versatile and effective, case studies build trust — way more trust than other content can."
Becky Lawlor
Chief Research Officer

When to invest in case studies

  • Landed a big client: A case study shows you can handle the big leagues.
  • New product launch: Use a case study to highlight its success and features.
  • Won an award: A case study can explain what sets you apart.
  • Expanded your team or services: Showcase your new expertise.
  • Reached a revenue or user milestone: Prove your growth and reliability with a case study.
  • Seasonal relevance: If your solution is useful using certain periods, a case study can boost sales.
  • Updating your website or portfolio: A fresh case study makes your business look active and engaged.
  • Recent customer praise or reviews: Turn that positive feedback into a full-fledged case study.
"We've observed a substantial improvement in both traffic and ranking for several of the pages! Given their success, we're considering updating them for 2023."
Luciana Arrieta
Operations Associate

Who should invest in case studies?

  • Startup founders looking to validate their business model and attract more investors. 
  • Marketing managers who need content that educates and converts potential customers.
  • Sales teams that want real-world proof to bolster pitches and close deals.
  • Product managers that want to show how their features solve real problems.
  • Business consultants that need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategies.
  • Healthcare providers looking to illustrate patient success stories and medical advances.
  • Nonprofits that want to show how their initiatives create real-world impact.
  • Education institutions looking to showcase student success and program effectiveness.
  • Manufacturers that want to highlight their quality and reliability through real-world applications.
  • Retail businesses looking to use customer success stories to attract more footfall or online traffic.
"I'd recommend this to any company looking for effective marketing and content. Our web conversions have tripled since adding case studies."
Lerato Mokonyane
Agency CEO

Why us?

We write your customer story in a way people can easily understand, using real numbers, quotes, and pictures.

We’ve got years of experience across various industries, from tech to healthcare, plus real-world customer interview experience. Many of us were radio presenters and user researchers in previous careers.

Our step-by-step method makes it simple for you, and your case study will be tailored to your needs. You’ll be in the loop at every stage.

"You quickly grasped the vision, finished the project early, and provided unbeatable support. Simply great to work with!"
Beth Molaba
Technical Manager

How we work: Our 9-step process

  1. We discuss your goals and target audience for the case study.
  2. Together, we identify which of your satisfied customers best exemplify your success.
  3. With your introduction, we connect with the selected customers to gather their testimonials and insights.
  4. We dig deeper into your project details, both from internal data and customer feedback.
  5. A basic outline is drafted and submitted for your review and approval.
  6. We write a narrative that not only shows your success but also features your customer’s positive experience.
  7. You get two chances to provide edits or changes.
  8. The case study goes through one last review by the involved customer, ensuring their part of the story is accurately told.
  9. The fully approved and polished case study is delivered to you.
"Passionate, excited, and very resourceful. An absolute treat to work with!"
Max Ziervogel
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Case Study Writing
  • Initial consultation
  • Customer interview
  • Transcription and writing
  • Case study PDF design
  • 1 x copy editing round
  • Social media posts
  • Social media graphics


Case Study Writing
  • Initial consultation
  • Customer interview
  • Transcription and writing
  • Case study PDF design
  • 1 x copy editing round
  • Social media posts
  • Social media graphics
"The case study paid for itself in six weeks, and our team has reported five times more conversions. A sound investment."
Jose Martinez

Case study examples

Website Case Study

Numerous customer stories around FreeAgent's best customers and how they transformed their business processes using the company's CRM.

LinkedIn Case Study

A social media series that repurposed FreeAgent CRM's best case studies to meet their ideal prospects where they were — on LinkedIn.

"Great case study series you created for us. Stories From The Wild - love the name!"
Dave Stephens
Chief Executive Officer

How to maximize your case studies

The more people see your case study, the more effective it becomes. Here’s how we advice clients to distribute their case studies:

  • Turn the case study into a blog post to attract organic traffic.
  • Present the case study during online talks or workshops.
  • Offer to write a guest article that links to the case study.
  • Print it out for speaking engagements and event booths.
  • Share it with your social media followers and email subscribers.
  • Create a short video featuring the customer’s story.
  • Send out a press release to industry publications.
  • Use it as a lead magnet on your website.
  • Share it during sales pitches.
"Thank you for providing all the content and stats needed for our campaign. It was a real pleasure working with you!"
Bethany Smith
Account Executive

Why this may not be a good fit

  • If you’re not ready to make the investment, this might not be for you.
  • If you’re a new company without proven results, it may be too early.
  • Lack of solid metrics or outcomes can make a case study unfit.
"Putting together a compelling case study is great for attracting future customers. But it's not easy."
Caroline Forsey
Principal Marketing Manager

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The timeline for writing a custom case study varies, but it typically takes 1-3 weeks to conduct interviews, gather information, write the case study, and make revisions.


Investing in professional case study writers allows you to show potential customers examples of your product or service in action, serving as powerful social proof and a key part of your business strategy.

You can measure the success of a case study by tracking website traffic, lead generation, or other relevant indicators.

Yes, we can write case studies across a wide range of industries, including SaaS, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

For effective case study creation, we need details about the problem your customer faced, the solution you provided, and the results achieved. We’ll gather all this information as part of our process.


Absolutely, we encourage clients to review and provide feedback on the case study to ensure it meets their expectations. We’ll discuss your brand guidelines and seek your feedback on initial drafts.


Yes, we ensure your case study is optimized with relevant keywords to improve its search engine visibility.

We can discuss promotion activities after writing your B2B case study. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Yes, we can create additional content based on the case study, including blog posts, social media content, or video content.

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