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How Good Food Studio Drove 493.25% LinkedIn Audience Growth and ZAR 300k Revenue with SEO, Social Media, and Paid Ads

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Good Food Studio, a creative food agency based in South Africa, has a unique mission: to enhance food experiences for brands and individuals. The company caters to a growing market, offering a range of services from recipe development and food branding to private chef hire, nutrition consulting, and cooking classes.


Like many businesses in burgeoning industries, Good Food Studio faced the challenge of attaining brand awareness in a competitive landscape. Corporate teams were on the lookout for affordable team-building activities, manufacturers sought reliable recipe development, and families were in search of trustworthy private chefs to help them meet their nutritional goals.


To meet these diverse needs, Good Food Studio employed a marketing-led growth strategy that focused on converting prospects into paid customers through content and ads, with referrals playing a significant role in revenue growth.

Good Food Studio noticed that competitors were not heavily investing in SEO and their paid ads typically targeted broad audiences. This presented an opportunity for Good Food Studio to grow through a combined strategy of content marketing, SEO, social media, and paid ads.


Over the course of a year, Good Food Studio produced more than 20 long-form articles, dozens of social media posts, and paid ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. 

The articles were written directly from the founder’s experience for extra credibility. The content targeted restaurant owners, manufacturers, and corporate teams with guides around food photography, food safety compliance, and team building. 

We ran paid ads across Facebook and Instagram to generate demand and drive traffic towards the company’s landing pages. We optimized the paid ad campaigns to prevent ad fatigue, drive down acquisition costs, and improve brand awareness and audience growth.


The results of this strategic effort were impressive. The content drove over ZAR 300,000 in revenue and increased blog traffic by 353.25%. LinkedIn audience growth went up by a staggering 493.25%. 

The content also drove inbound inquiries and word-of-mouth referrals, helping the company quadruple its monthly inbound inquiries.


Good Food Studio’s strategic approach to marketing demonstrates the power of a well-executed SEO, social media, and paid ads strategy. By targeting a diverse range of customers with tailored content, we were able to build brand awareness, drive revenue, and leverage social media platforms for growth.

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